One of the coolest things that I’ve seen since I’ve been in Austin, TX has been the play, “You Don’t Know Her, She Lives in London; You Don’t Know Him, He Lives in Texas.” It is this interactive play via Skype that takes place in a loft in Austin and a loft in London. Definitely a new form of theatre that is way ahead of the curve that is using technology to its full advantage.  Beth Burns, the creator, really put something together where not only the actors are involved but so is the audience. There are plays, such as Tony and Tina’s Wedding, which bring the audience into what is happening, but this forced the audience into the stage area. By using  Twitter and Facebook, the playis able to get people watching via Skype involved as well.  As a seasoned theatre goer as well as an actor, I am thoroughly impressed.  Thank you everyone at The Hidden Room for letting me intrude your space.