Project Kinect is a marketing and logistics firm that supports impactful and game-changing events and campaigns.




Whether it is a fundraiser, a launch, awards ceremony, awareness campaign, a stakeholder social, or a social media campaign, Project Kinect is able to design and manage events to fit you and your organization’s needs. We work with nonprofits, local government, social businesses and corporations. Our clients have one goal in common: They want to build their scope of impact and create positive change. We combine our energy, creativity, logistical drive, and project management skills to that goal to create the right event or campaign fitting the organizational need.

When we need added support, we reach out to our huge network of co-conspirators. This group includes graphic designers, videographers, social media masters, publicists, lawyers, small business consultants and so much more. We may be a small team, but we have a mighty network in our corner.

Vision: Working with us is an experience. Kinect, to us, is connecting kinetic energy. We connect people and people connect most during events and campaigns. When people connect on a common level, then real positive social change can be accomplished. We strive to make sure our events and campaigns are executed well, with purpose, and invoke authentic emotions that connect people. We see change inspired from common emotions created at the experiences we create.





Imposter Complex is something that almost every person has dealt with. Simply, Imposter Complex is where an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud” and infiltrates celebrities, teachers, doctors, mothers, fathers, and everyone else. As agents of change, we are constantly being told by our inner voice that we are not good enough, someone else is going to know we’re a fraud, and to just stop. The 2019 Social Change Forum will provide participants an opportunity to face their Imposter Complex head on in a space of comfort and support. Tanya Geisler, this year’s morning speaker says, “The Imposter Complex lies. It lies and lies and lies. It tells you that you’re not ready yet. Knowing it lies makes way for the truth.” Join us to examine and dive into your Imposter Complex.


The Social Change Forum was created to dedicate time with an eclectic group of change agents and focus on one building block of social change.  We choose a building block that is abstract and subjective, yet when we focus on it together, we find tangible ways to be better agents of change. The Social Change Forum also uses the one focus to bridge communities.  Something magical happens when we use our skills, talents, and experience to work together on common themes; we become connected and our network expands making real change possible.

“The forum connects us to people like going to summer camp does.” said Gregg Potter, Project Kinect founder. We welcome and invite anyone to the Social Change Forum. Whether you are a government official, work at a nonprofit, lead a corporation, are a teacher, or a freshman in college, we encourage you to join us for this annual impactful and soul filling event. If the pricing is not in your budget, please contact us and WE WILL WORK SOMETHING OUT! Email info@projectkinect.com for more details.

For all of the information about this year’s event and to order tickets, check out the event page on Eventbrite! 



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