It is so incredibly obvious that our elected officials are not concerned by leading and working together to solve the obstacles that they continue to come across as this year continues through the half way point.  We have always had difficulty between the democrats and the republicans but now it is getting so difficult for them to work together that they aren’t a performing government anymore than a bunch of children can manage a secret club where nobody knows the password.

Well, I have a couple of reference points to throw out there for the readers so if you are as foggy on the situation as I kind of am, it will help.  The first is a moment with Jon Stewart.  I realize that it is from a comedic point of view, but there is definitely truth in there.

The second is an article from CNN.  It seems to be mostly objective with the emphasis on how the public is calling Capitol Hill and letting our elected officials know what we, as the public who voted them into the position, think about the decisions being made.  We need to celebrate these moments where we as a population hold our government accountable for their actions.  As a country, there continues to be a greater gap between what our government is doing and what we actually know about.  If we don’t have an idea of what decisions they’re making, then the people representing us get away with making decisions that only benefit them and the people who is constantly whispering into their ear. We need to be doing the whispering. 

Well here are two things for you if you would like to do some whispering or even blunt speaking.  Here is the direct number to Capitol Hill and they will patch you to your senators’ and/or representative’s office.


The second is the link to the Congressional Directory.  Use it as often as you need it.  These numbers should be in everyone’s phone just as work, your favorite delivery place and your parent’s home are.  It is all of our responsibility to be checking up with the people who we voted into office.