Even though I will continue to promote and add content from our trip to Tuscaloosa, I want to close the trip up so I can return to adding other community events, ideas and personalities from other parts of the country.  On the last morning we were in Tuscaloosa, I woke up early to just sit in an area that hadn’t really been touched yet since the April 27th tornado. That morning this was filmed marked two months since the tornadoes went through the city.  My thought during this video is pretty simple: How does a country such as the United States let this destruction sit for two months and not use it’s resources to help out it’s people? Simple question with a not so simple answer.  What ever the answer is though, we have to start working together to move forward with all of our obstacles.  We need to stop looking at our issues that really have no significance and admit to how much we are not aware of including what we are not acknowledging as problems on a daily basis.  WE ARE ALL INVOLVED!!!

Here are some pictures I took that morning as well as a video in a neighborhood that still needs attention.