This last week I hosted a BBQ for the restaurant I have been helping out this summer so I could earn some more funds to finish out the year of travelling for Project Kinect.  Well, this end of the summer BBQ got a slow start but that gave me a chance to sit and get to ask Carl, Suzi and Adriana questions.  Suzi had just graduated college and Carl and Adriana are just entering their sophomore years.  It is so important to listen to every one of all ages because all of our perspectives are important.  We all bring something different to the table, literally, and that creates the most versatile educational buffet that any of us could ask for. 

This video is just some edits of what we talked about.  Not to serious, we still learned a bit about each other and some good points were made about different topics in their lives.  I do apologize about the wind though. Where we were sitting, it was sort of wind tunnel off of the lake.