The Dodo is a website all about animals and the protection of animals.  The most recent post, “The Day a Dozen Parents and Children Killed a Baby Shark for a Selfie” tells the horrible yet revealing story about how our vanity is getting in the way of our relationship with nature.  Today’s children are not understanding how they are apart of nature but that they are somehow above it.  Here is a teaser of the story…

The man maintained a grip on the tail. The boy squirmed up next to the shark, smacked a hand on his side in a declaration of ownership, and extended his other hand gripping an iPhone to snap a selfie.

“Shouldn’t you put the shark back in the water?” I asked. My voice was swallowed in the murmurs of excitement. I asked louder, “Shouldn’t you put it back?”

Panic arose from the circle. “No, I didn’t get a photo with it yet!” “It’s my turn first!” A group of kids and adults alike began more desperately clambering for a grip of the shark.

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