While I was outside in the rain this morning for The Today Show, I got to thinking about something, which apparently wasn’t that important because I then quickly got distracted by Engagement Chicken.  As I stood there, clutching my sign watching the segment, the words, “music and food change our lives” rang through my head.  I know this is obvious and definitely true, but why don’t we take that personal medication when we need it. 

When I listened to Arlene Goldbard speak back in Austin, she mentioned that yes, we have all closed ourselves off by our iPods and our music constantly in our ears, but we are self-medicating.  The music is helping to set our mood to where we need it to be.  Restaurants are chosen because of their music selection.  I have certain playlists set for the different moments of my life.  We have this unlimited power from musical influence that we hardly use to our full benefit. 

When it comes to food, that is a whole different kind of power.  Food can tend to be used more like a drug.  I’m mostly talking about comfort food.  It is there when we are not at our best, and helps keep us at that level.  Food has unlimited greatness to do the opposite of that but it takes our own self control.  When we are eating foods that support our goals and intentions, then they can be as powerful as music.

The goal for community change begins with individual change.  Both music and food have been basic life components forever and have great power to influence.  If we can remember that in times of sadness, depression, hate, loathing, we can help to change the environment and then ourselves.  One of my acting professors always said, if you change the biology, then the psychology with come along with it.  Aid to your biology and then see if your psychology follows your suggestion.  That’s that though and it is just there for you to think about.   Now, off to meet more of New York.