I do not have a uterus and will never know what it is like to give birth.  Thankfully though, I do and have friends who are open to share their thoughts on the whole child birthing experience.  

When I got to St. Paul, I stayed a night with Tara and got into an evening of conversation.  The kind of conversation that I think we are missing these days.  Conversation that doesn’t include facebook or cell phones but laughter so hard that your sides hurt and tangents so far that you forget what your original point was.  That face to face connection that we need as a human beings. 

You already met Tara in Project Kinect.  Remember way back in February when I was in Los Vegas for my god daughter’s baptism?  Well Tara is Isla’s mother.  If you have been keeping up with me, then you probably already knew this but if you are just joining me, then now you know. 

Tara has been in my life for a third of it.  We met back in 2001 when I moved to Los Vegas and we have been friends ever since.  That time has taken from Vegas to San Diego to St. Paul.  She is a constant reminder that a journey is meant to be taken with people, and not by ourselves.  Much thanks to Tara because I cannot imagine my twenties the way they were if she was not a part of them.

Here I got Tara to talk about childbirth, what she loves about being a mother? And her general thoughts on the miracle of life.  Please feel free to comment or email me with your joys and thoughts of motherhood/childbirth/ or any related material.   Project Kinect is an interactive project and I love to hear your thoughts and comments.