A while ago a friend of mine introduced me to this website where people answer basic questions of life.  What is the meaning of life?  What makes you happy? When do you feel most authentic?  These are all questions that I could really relate to since I began Project Kinect.  This website gives you an opportunity to read and relate to other people’s lives.  It is a new form of connecting that needs a little more exposure as we continue to move forward in this technologically invasive era of communication.  This form allows people to share their stories and for the most part, not recieve the feedback or any effects from their stories.  Not having that reciprocation is selfless in a way because there is nothing coming back to pet the ego of the person who is sharing.  Even though comments can be left, the person sharing does not get immediate satisfaction because they are not sitting directly with the reader.   This in result gives the reader a complete objectivity on what they are reading as well as a blank palate to see how the reading affects them personally.  This response is then free of judgement that may otherwise be brought if another party was sitting there waiting for a response to what was just said.  Bottom line; this is a great way to connect with a stranger while doing a self check on personal beliefs and feelings.

Life By Me asked one of my best friends to sit down and share some of her beliefs, thoughts and personal story.  This is just a portion of the interview and if you would like to read the article in its entirity, then check it out here at Life By Me.

Getting to a safe place where I can be vulnerable and connect with people is very meaningful to me. When we connect with each other we’re really connecting with God, because God is inside of you and God is inside of me. I truly believe that when we connect with each other and when we connect with God we can change the world for the better. I want to facilitate that