Last week, as I was getting all set to leave Los Angeles for Project Kinect, I got a chance to so some podcasts to promote the project.  One of the podcasts was Langdon Nation and when I was all finished, the lovely Dana Nicole Brooks gave me a ride home.  We got to chatting about acting and the love of acting and how it is impacted by Hollywood.  There are a lot of compromises that happens to the craft when it comes to making films as well as benefits.  We talked about those and then continued to get into a discussion of how do we stay sane in Los Angeles while in the middle of the set? What do we do for ourselves every day to make sure we can keep our integrity and continue on the path to conquering our goals? 

Toward the interview, I asked Dana Nicole what she consistently goes back to ensure that she is getting her inspiration and feel she has went back to basics.  This is her answer.  A fair warning, she sometimes uses an adult vocabulary.