As we get to feel the reality more and more every day in the importance of human connection, we really have to keep conscious of opportunities to connect.  My latest discovery is from a film maker from New Orleans, Katherine Brooks.  She now lives in Los Angeles and has made an extremely long, successful resume for herself. 

If you happen to go to her IMDB page, you will see that she has done a lot of reality television, but has also been the director for movies such as Loving Annabelle.  Her latest movie, Waking Madison staring Elisabeth Shue, gets into the reality of attempted suicide and what that does to the psyche afterwards.  The project of hers that I am so extremely excited about though is Face 2 Face, a film where she travels the country to meet fifty of her facebook friends to really dig in to the fact if she can be friends with these people.  They are not any way people that she is currently friends with on a daily basis.  In fact, there are only two of the fifty that she knows on a personal level and they haven’t even seen each other since grade school.  This is definitely a project that Project Kinect supports and I cannot wait to sit with her once she is in the middle of her trip digesting the magnitude of what she is doing.