Dauphin Island was a three hour unexpected surprise. When we got onto the island, we really had no idea what it was that we were looking for.  We drove around, looked for any signage but didn’t see anything that was significant to Project Kinect.  Then, once we were in line for the fairy, we found something of interest.  The ferry pick up spot was also the location for the Saw Grass Point Marsh Shoreline and Habitat Restoration.  Not only are they attempting to make precautions to save the shoreline, but they are also setting up cement barriers to slow down waves as well as help prevent and destruction from possible oil spills in the future.

These pictures are of the Shoreline and Habitat Restoration as well as Dauphin Island and the surrounding area.  As you see, all the houses are on stilts in attempts to battle any future hurricanes.  While we were driving through the area, we couldn’t help to notice how many homes were up for sale.  In the last several years, this area has been hit by many hard storms as well as suffering from last year’s oil spill.  With that and the economy, it makes for a bad equation.  The residents that have been around for many years though are diehards and have no plans of moving anytime soon.

**All three links are different and have additional information to what is happening in this area.  Please check them all out if you’re interested.

To get off of the island and get back on track of our journey toward Saint Petersburg, we took the Dauphin Ferry across to the eastern shoreline of Alabama.  It really looks like an untouched part of the country that I’m afraid, because of the low cost of real-estate, will soon be developed and the natural beauty will be history.  The final pictures are of this shoreline.  I absolutely fell in love with this part of the country.  I look forward to getting back there at some point soon after my journey.