Yesterday, one of my best friends posted this on her Facebook.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it since she posted it.  This post is the most full yet simple way to describe the greatness out of the gift we get to live as human beings.  We get to connect, live, love, enjoy and support each other through the entirety of our journey and some how we completely lose sight of that.  Happiness comes from the enjoyment we get from each other; this isn’t belief, it’s fact.  We are a species that needs one another to survive because without each other, no matter what accomplishments or sorrow we go through, our lives are meaningless.  We make one another significant.
I hope you enjoy my friends post as much as I do…
Once a month I  get to witness something incredible! On the first Tuesday of the month, a group of 12-20 men come together & play cards here. Sheepshead-which I’ll never understand….they roll in at about 11am, each bring a dish to pass, and belly up for a day-long card game. Let’s be honest, they do as much talking as playing (if not more), but they have fun! They catch up on stories, entertain with jokes & bring a genuine kindness and positive energy into the bar.
I have the best seat in town-I get to listen to their banter, learn from their years of truly living, bask in their rosy cheeks & twinkling eyes and even enjoy the delicious treats their wives send.
These men have seen the world, raised families and watched Sun Prairie evolve. Through the years, they’ve continued to come to 100 W Main to play in their card game, reconnect with friends and enjoy life.
To me, this is what a good bar is all about. The sense of community, camaraderie and fun is in the air….good people, looking for a place to gather. I can’t take credit for any of this…but I feel fortunate to be a part of something much bigger than me….and feel humbled that they are willing to play in our bar.