A few years ago, a card game came out of nowhere on the internet. This game, played similar to Apples to Apples, could only be printed off the internet.  For a weekend at a cabin, I printed the game on card stock and made it the most formal possible. Cards Against Humanity is now one of the most popular game among adults.  It can be purchased online and in stores.  The beauty of this game is that it uses humor to create an un-politically correct space where we, no matter who we are, can be on the same level and relate to one another.

A few days ago, How Is Cards Against Humanity Bribing Public Officials With Your Money came out.  This extremely humorous and honest blog post is brilliant. It makes some terrific references to some of our voted officials. One about Ted Cruz and net neutrality.  If you are not sure what net neutrality is, here is an article from the Hill better describing the current situation about net neutrality.

To see how this all leads to the Sunlight Foundation, you have to read the article.  It’s worth it.

Happy Holidays!!!

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