After two days of rain in New York, the sun came out and the temperature rose enough to take a stroll through Central Park.  My sister and I went wandering around for a while and were able to really absorb the necessity of the park in Manhattan.  Even though the concrete jungle takes it’s toll on certain aspects of a local’s life, it still offers great places for rest, conversation, entertainment, forums and everything else that parks are needed for.  A community is definitely defined by what is offered from it’s parks.

On that particular day in Central Park, we were able to see a couple organizations raising awareness for Central Park Conservancy as well as Hand in Hand Project for Japan.   The best part though was just to see people out with one another, connecting face to face, having that human contact that we need in which technology has no relevance.  The next time you’re on a walk with a friend or sitting down with coffee to enjoy another person’s company, I challenge you to not pull out your phone. We are so dependant that it is a reflex to check it in any free moment.   Try not to and use that energy to just look around, listen, and take in your company.