Cemeteries have a spot in all of our towns, cities and communities.  How we take care of our dead really does say a lot of what we want in our future when we pass away.  In New Orleans, they take their cemeteries seriously.  One of the spots that we made certain to check out when we were in New Orleans was the Saint Louis Cemetery Number One.  This is told to be the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, not to mention the most haunted, but that is for your own beliefs to juggle.

One of the reasons that New Orleans cemeteries are so unique is that they are built above ground.  With the water table being so close to the surface in the city, this was the only way to do a burial.  With these tombs being in the direct sunlight, and the circular shaped ceilings on them, they are known as oven tombs.  The tombs naturally cook the bodies in them so when another person in that family passes away, you just place that corpse right on top of the last.  It really is a space saver, yet a respectful way to bury the dead that is continued to be practiced today.  My wild cab driver from one of the mornings while I was there told me all about his families plot is in this cemetery and that is exactly where he plans on being buried. 

For more history about this phenomenal piece of American History, check out the Wikipedia page on it.