Norman Rockwells' painting about Ruby Bridges being court ordered to go to first grade at an all white school

In the month of May I presented the Norman Rockwell Project.  I have received some really great submissions that I plan on using but I need more for what I want to do with them in June of 2012.  Here is the Norman Rockwell Project…

Today, we have the benefit of photography that can be produced quickly with very limited resources but yet, we still get pictures that explain what is happening in our society and how we are moving forward as a society.  I have a request to people following Project Kinect.  Could you look through your pictures and if any really pop out and share what is happening in our country, past or present, could you email them to me at  I would like to use them in a photo essay here on the project as well as the online magazine, DiGn2it.  Give me a little description of what was happening and what you were thinking.  This would mean so much to me, thank you.

For the entire original article that discusses the importance of Norman Rockwell as well as example photos, click here to check that article out.