In our early years, we had a Monday Spotlight series where great new organizations and projects were highlighted because of the incredible work they were doing. One of those projects was Sofar Sounds in the A Little LA Monday Spotlight.  At that time, music in a room was only a unique idea of music being brought into intimate living spaces around Los Angeles. Now this music project is much larger.

Sofar brings people together and allows them to communicate in a common way; music. Communication does not have to be A to B. Communication can be A, B, C, and D, communing together to enjoy a common love. This type of communication for common cause is a way to Social Change.

It is pretty easy to get involved with Sofar.  Go to the website. Sign up. Get notified about upcoming shows. Their, ‘How It Works‘ page will be more helpful though.

Here is an informational video about them:

And here are a couple of our favorite videos: