The actual travel part of Project Kinect didn’t begin until late February but the website was created in December and I began posting on the website the moment it was created.  In celebration to the website’s one year anniversary, I wanted to re-post the very first post on Project Kinect.  I am so proud of how far this has come in one year and am extremely excited to know that it has only begun.  This next year is going to be the canvas to turning Project Kinect into a brand new nonprofit organization that will be a reference and assistance center to communities who find themselves in need after a natural disaster, extreme tragedy or have found the motivation to revitalize themselves but just need the tools and guidance to get there.  If you have any suggestions, interest in helping or want to know more about the direction Project Kinect is going, please feel free to email me at

Until then though, thank you all for being amazing supporters and if you are just finding Project Kinect, take some time and look around at what you have missed. 

This post is from December 1st, 2010   This is Maria

 Maria’s mother works at the toy kiosk at the mall in Century City.  On the weekends, Maria’s mother brings her in to sit with her, play with the toys, and persuade people into purchasing the toys.  This is ultimately a great way for her to spend time with Maria and save money on childcare.  These are the cards that were dealt and Maria’s mother is definitely making them workMaria with toys