At age 31, Chelsea Clinton is taking a brave step forward to go in front of the camera, not as a public figure in the White House, but as a delivery woman of the news.  Today it was made public that Chelsea Clinton, the same young woman that we all watched grow up while her father was President, is joining the team at “NBC Nightly News” as a full-time correspondent focusing on the “Making a Difference” series.  She will be taking the time and giving a spotlight on individuals and organizations that are making differences and contributions to their communities and the people around them.  As the creator of Project Kinect, this makes me extremely happy to see that Chelsea Clinton was specifically chosen for this job.

As me, who has grown up right along side Chelsea Clinton, this makes me extremely excited for our generation.  She is a great example of just the beginning of what our generation is going to do and how we will impact this country.  I remember being twelve years old, in seventh grade and there was a group of us that were to duplicate what was happening with the presidential election.  I was leading the Ross Perot campaign and when the seventh grade elections, Ross Perot won.  Our campaign team was successful but unfortunately, Ross’ was not.

When Bill Clinton was swore in is when I first remember seeing Chelsea but didn’t think anything about it until we both graduated high school.  Later, we went to college at the same time and then graduated college.  Now, as I am into my ninth month of Project Kinect, I am on a similar path as her.  Congratulations Chelsea on your new job.  I hope it brings you as much fulfillment as the last nine months have brought me.

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