The last week I have been pretty quiet.  I came to Eau Claire, WI to hide at my dad’s house to attempt and get caught up on everything that I haven’t had a chance to.  While I am getting caught up with everything, as well as setting up the itinerary for the next three months, I’m stretching in preparation for this weekend’s Minnesota AIDS Walk.

I have joined my friend Danny and his amazing team from the SPPS Gay Straight Alliance to help raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS education and prevention. The walk is this Sunday the fifteenth, and we will be walking the 6.2 miles that morning with the energy and verve of a freight train. 

It’s going to be an amazing day and definitely look forward to pictures and video footage from the day. I am so excited to walk with this brilliant group of young adults.

It you would like to donate to our team, please feel free to at my Minnesota AIDS Walk Page.