Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that is helping out communities all over the world by assisting in housing for families that are in need of it.  While in Tuscaloosa, we kept looking for their presence and wasn’t really sure why there wasn’t more of an impression by Habitat in the city.  Well, due to the ninety day construction hold on the city, they were compiling all of their resources to assist in getting over a hundred homes up and running.  We found out this when we stopped by the Habitat ReStore that has been selling used and close to new building and furnishing items to help with endeavor of getting these houses up and running.

If you are unfamiliar with what a ReStore is, it is a store that local Habitat for Humanity offices have to raise money that will stay in that local area to help with those resources needed to get the new houses out to the families that need them.

If you are looking to contact the Habitat for Humanity resale store in Tuscaloosa and help them with their lofty endeavor, you can email them at restore@habitattuscaloosa.org and here is the website for the Tuscaloosa Habitat for Humanity.