Last night as my sister Shaina and I were leaving this event benefiting an organization called Brainpower, we began talking about interesting and different ways of communication.  As proper foreshadowing would tell it, we ran into true New York communication.  We came across this writing on a sign informing people about a change in the subway.  The actual handwriting on the poster is the communication I want to focus on. 

The first part just mentions the main phrasen “You Damn Fool’s”.  The second writing on the poster corrects the grammar of the first’s writing.  Then the third comes and corrects the third person’s grammar. I love it!  But, the final LOL makes it complete because it demonstrtates that there really is an audience watching.  How great that in a city where people tend to stick solely to themselves, that the urge to get involved in this impromptu communication English lesson becomes a community activity?  It is a group effort and the fact that four people needed to get involved with this makes me think that all four of these people weren’t afraid to speak their mind, get criticized and learn something.  They most likely have seen this poster since they wrote on it which would show that they can handle it because the poster is still up.

I like to keep my eyes open around me.  Little things like this come up frequently and it keeps the idea of who is around fresh in our heads.  As for the people who wrote the note, I hope they are that outspoken in their daily lives.  People like that will press the limits on what standards we hold ourselves to as well as the level of healthy competition that is around us.  These things keep us all moving forward.