Since it is the week of Earth Day and we are practicing going green, it has also been suggested that it be a week where we put down our technology.  That gets put in the shadow of ipads going into the classrooms of kindergarteners.  While I was in New York, I got a chance to sit down with Damon, a family therapist originally from Los Angeles.  In this part of the interview, Damon adds his thoughts on technology and social media. It really is about us getting what we want out of the different aspects of social media and not letting it become a tool to house all the negativity.  I’ll let Damon explain it because he does it much better.

Here are a couple other links that I though would be a great pairing with this post.  This first one is Damon’s website Should-less where you can check out his book as well as his forty lessons to forty blog.

I also found this link as I was looking for topics around giving up technology for a week.  It is called Give Up Internet and it offers humor for internet people.