One of the organizations that we repeatedly helped out was the Church of Christ in the Forest Lake community.  It was a great place that we could really connect one-on-one with the residence by feeding them and getting them some essentials for the home.  I will be sharing pictures and stories from the lot later but right now, I just wanted to share the email from Mike.  If you are available to help in Tuscaloosa or Minot, please feel free to email him.

Hi Everyone
Flooding in Minot, ND. I have talked with the North Dakota Emergency Mgmt, ND Red Cross, members and the preacher
at the Minot Church of Christ. The water has just started to go down. They are accessing the needs and will let
me know how or if they want to be involved.
Below is the recap of work that has been done here in Tuscaloosa so far.
 –40,950 Meals Served
-Over 690 families helped with cleanup(chainsaw and other work)
-Many Many loads of other food, water and supplies handed out.
-Church building is completely torn down and hauled away in trucks.
-We have volunteers scheduled to work here in Tuscaloosa thru the end of July.
-Lots of new updates on the blog(link to blog from web site)
-Sense next week is a short work week for volunteers I will not send out an update, but will post
it on the blog.
Please pass this information on to everyone on your email and Facebook list , take it to your church and business, you never know who might be willing to help us. Please pray for the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed and for us as we show the love of the Lord to them by just providing a simple meal.
You can donate online at or make check payable to and
mail to:
Disaster Assistance
402 Center Way
Lake Jackson, Tx 77566