I love talking about people and their relationships with their bodies. I have always been so jealous of people who can really listen to what their bodies are telling them and then really changing their diet, excercise, or climate because of what they are getting from their bodies.  Something that makes me even more interested than what we do when we listen to our body is what we do when we listen to what the rest of our world says about us and our body.  I don’t mean on the topic of social norm or doing something because everyone else is doing it, but just constructively, how are we perceived by the rest of the world?

This TED Talk by Kate Hartman somewhat goes over that.  Artist Kate Hartman uses wearable electronics to explore how we communicate, with ourselves and with the world. In this quirky and thought-provoking talk, she shows the “Talk to Yourself Hat”, the “Inflatable Heart”, the “Glacier Embracing Suit”, and other unexpected devices.

This is her TED conversation and I love what she says and what she is putting out into the world.  She is definitely using her talents to put something into our community that can help us move forward positively.