I just wanted to take a moment and remind followers of the severity of what happened in Tuscaloosa.  Too many tornadoes have touched down in our country this year so far, and we still have the summer and a whole hurricane season to go.  While we all wish for the best, we still need to identify what has happened and help the best we can.  I thank the city of Wisconsin Dells and the surrounding areas so much for coming to my support with this lofty endeavor with not much preparation time.  I really want to thank the Baraboo Methodist Church’s ladies auxiliary for sewing forty homemade quilts to bring down to Tuscaloosa with us.  They are so beautiful and I am perplexed at the ability to do all of that when those ladies are busy with their lives.  A huge thank you to the beautiful Jean Brew for aiding me in getting those quilts.

Tomorrow is our school supply drive and fundraiser and I hope that as many people can make as possible.  It will truly be a celebration of how one community helps out another community.  I am so lucky to be from this area.  For more information on tomorrows event, check out Alyssa and Gregg Venture to Tuscaloosa.   I also want to send great thanks and appreciation for my close friend Garett who is in Joplin helping along with all of the thousands of volunteers who have travelled in the aid of another human being.