We hosted a workshop at Madison Nonprofit Day this year titled, ‘Sustainable Business Plans for Nonprofits.’  While there are some amazing ideas on how to make nonprofits less reliant on grants, taking action to accomplish this is going to take some time.  We must change our frame of mind from, “We need support and assistance” to “We offer greatness to everyone and our business is better than just measuring success.”

The workshop focused on using the expertise in the room. We all know that no one really knows the scene better than the people working in it.  They just sometimes need some love, support, and space to think about what else is possible. Here is a list of resources we wanted to offer to them and figured it should be shared with everyone.


Sustainability References


Nonprofit with a For-Profit Business


Forming a For-Profit Partnership or Subsidiary




Additional Notes From Workshop

  • Let’s remember that sustainability does not only mean fiscal sustainability. How do we better become sustainable with volunteers, mental health, and capacity building?
  • Remind yourselves what your doing takes a lot and remember how amazing you are!