Hashtags are a great way now to bring awareness to your cause. If you are unsure why hashtags are useful, here are a couple reasons why.

1. Hashtags are an excellent way to search out who and when people are talking about the hashtag.  Just Google it, search it on Facebook or Twitter, or our favorite vehicle for hashtags, find it on Instagram.

2. Hashtags bring a virtual community together to find your cause/event/purpose and gives those followers the tools to help increase your impact. 

Hashtags really give us all though a tool to do a little bit more.  Right now, #good30 is accomplishing this.  Yes, it may not be a huge impact, and it may not be focusing on a systemic problem, but it is challenging people to do a little more.  Any time humans do a little more for the greater good,  it leads to positive social change. Our founder wrote an article around doing better.

#Good30 allows everyone to share something they are doing to help others out.  Take 30 seconds, create a video, and share what you are doing. The more participants in this campaign will create a greater awareness to how easy it is to #bebetter.  There is always room to provide a #good30 in our lives every day.  Why not start now.

Pass It Down just wrote an article with some amazing ways to #good30’s.  Check it out for some ideas or just to put a smile on your face.

Please add your #good30 videos in our comment section.