At a Glance

The Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership Course (DSIL) is a global field experience and community for multi-stage entrepreneurs & impact driven changemakers. DSIL is a cutting edge program that leverages quality field based immersion and the convenience of online classes with global thought leaders to create dynamic learning for graduate students, professionals and practitioners  interested in creating sustainable impact and systems change around the world through social enterprise.

DSIL is delivered in academic and administrative partnership by the Centre for Executive Education (CEE) of the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) and SE Asia based Sarus. In 2014 DSIL ran from October 1st – December 3rd. In 2015 we will run from August – December. See the ‘Program Block Details‘ for more. We are now recruiting for 2015 – let us know if you are interested here.

An Intentionally Sequenced Program with Distinct Building Blocks:
Virtual Classroom Preparation
(2) Field-based immersion to South East Asia
(3) Field-based immersion to South East Asia + ‘Next Steps’ Synthesis 

 Why DSIL?

The DSIL experience empowers international participants with contemporary tools, a cross sector knowledge network and analogous field immersions focused on personal and professional development. We believe that those who have the skills to unlock, re-imagine and create solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges will be at the helm of systems level change. Authentic transformation begins within the individual and those who are trained in the principles of design and leveraging empathic collaboration will be best positioned for success. 

What is the DSIL Approach?
‘Design thinking’ (or d.thinking) is a tool, mindset or methodology for systems or product design and is one avenue to catalyze social innovation- we integrate this approach in DSIL to unleash creativity for the greater good.  All participants will have the opportunity to learn and apply transferable frameworks including The Business (and Lean Model) Canvas, the Liberating Structures facilitation methods  and Non-Violent Communication.

DSIL Themes and Focus

⇢ Social (+Personal) Innovation & Entrepreneurship

⇢ Sustainable Development

⇢ Design Thinking