I just want to take a minute and commend the youth that we have been working with down here in Tuscaloosa.  Since day one, we met a girl with her grandparents busting her butt sorting cloths with Alyssa and Tracey in a hot, sweaty warehouse.  We then saw her three days later cutting tags and directing people at Dressing Up! Tuscaloosa.  She took time out of her summer vacation to volunteer with her grandparents and help those who needed an extra hand.

On the lots in the hot melting sun, we were working side by side cleaning up after houses had been demolished.  There was not a peep of complaint from these teenagers; just smiles and sweat.  All these young adults had it in their heads that they were here to help out someone else.

When we got to the Church of Christ and helping them out with their food service and distribution center, we were introduced to even more hard working young adults; some as young as eleven.  My big thanks goes out to Aaron and Hannah who were running around with their dollies taking the trash, running for ice and water, and then conquering those huge boxes of food while working in 100 degree weather.  You rocked it and had the best dispositions the entire time.  I met Aaron’s parents and told them how great of a job that they have done with him.  If I met Hannah’s parents, I would definitely tell them the same.

All of these young people though deserve recognition and I hope that they all have an influence on their entire generation.  It was a great pleasure to work with them and I hope that they know they even inspired me.  Next time you are alongside a young adult, take a minute to get to know them because they may impress you.