While I was in Las Vegas, I got a chance to talk with Justin from the Ethiopian Community Development Council, INC(ECDC),  about the Human Feng Shui Project.  What this is set out to do is to successfully place refugees into American Society here in Las Vegas.  We talked a lot about funding, help from both the state and local government which is practically non-existent and also contributions from the casinos because essentially, these refugees are going to work in them and I feel that the casinos have a social obligation to help out their community.

I also asked if there were being any agreements made about housing the refugees in some of the empty houses that sit in Las Vegas after the hit the city took with foreclosures.  The empty houses unfortunately don’t get used for and such purpose but there are some amazing financial assistance programs though to help them get to first time home ownership. When it comes to immediate housing, there are a certain number of apartment complexes that offer lower rent through the different organizations.

I also asked about the success rate of full families versus single adults.  The single adults tend to adapt better to our society.  We got on the conversation about the children and how do they adapt with this change.  I’ve included that in this edited version of the full interview.  I ask that you take a look into these programs in your communities because these refugees are coming to America because they want a new life; They want to be American because they no longer have a life behind them.  If you want to learn more about this organization as well as others like it, please check out the African Community Center of Las Vegas.