Saint Petersburg, how very beautiful it is, happens to be struggling with some of the hardest obstacles in the country. It has the highest murder rate in the country, the largest number of pedestrian hit by vehicle incidents and like many other places in the country, the housing market has completely bottomed out. There are things that are being done though in order to raise the safety levels for the residence.
One program, Bicycle/Pedestrians Advocates (BPA) is fighting to get more bike lanes in as well as creating pedestrian trails throughout Sarasota. Much of that they have been doing is focused around Sarasota and Manatee, but can easily be used and help the Saint Petersburg/Tampa Area.
In Tampa, the community of Largo is adding enforcement to help to bring down the number of pedestrian fatalities. They have given plenty of warnings and a large amount of tickets to traffic violators and have seen a decline in the number of pedestrian. Unfortunately, the problem still will still take due diligence in the community and just time for the locals to really get conscious of the problem.
Despite the level of severity that these problems are at, people continue to come here to live and vacation and these pictures show why. These problems, with the effort of all the communities involved, are on their way to becoming less of an issue but until then, we just need to continue to raise awareness. Hopefully other communities that are having similar issues can look at Saint Petersburg and Tampa for leadership and ideas at what to do to help them solve the problem before large numbers of people start losing their lives. Communities working together to better each other: That is Project Kinect.