Comedy is SO IMPORTANT for Positive Social Change.  It brings everyone to a common level and makes difficult topics more easy to discuss.  Last night, Russell Brand was on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  They were discussing Brand’s new book, Revolution. Brand is best known for his comedy and acting, but more and more he is being seen through an activist’s lens.  Revolution definitely places him in that category.

  • Tool: Find Comedy in your activism.

A major point last night though was that Comedy is necessary to get everyone to a level where we can come together to see real change.  It is how an actual, real working democracy will begin.  Project Kinect understands that we all must find common ground to produce the type of social change we need to thrive.  One of the best websites that uses comedy and satire is Funny or Die.

This last week, an Andy Bush directed sketch was uploaded to the website called Here’s How You’re Getting F***ed. It has Adam Shankman and Brandon T. Jackson in it and makes fun of how unjust to minorities our society is.  It is funny and makes room to have a better rounded conversation.

We listed that video below, as well as some other videos we feel really “Say Something”.  Happy Watching! #WAAI