Today I find myself in Panama Beach, FL shocked that it is Thursday already.  Monday I ventured around Beaumont and then that evening we arrived in New Orleans and before I knew it, Wednesday arrived, I had seen and done a ton and haven’t shared any of it with you.  By this Sunday, you will see and read about the follow-up in Austin that include an amazing lecture by Arlene Goldbard, some great volunteer opportunities and just a brief bit about the other things that happened that I hadn’t a proper moment to talk about.

After that of course, I was in San Antonio, TX for a few days.  I got some great time with my friend Bri and what it looks like to be a modern family on the go.  We also got a great chance to check out the Humane Society of San Antonio as well as venture down to the Market Square.

After that, I was picked up by three friends who happened to be road tripping for their spring break. That of course brought us to Beaumont where I checked out how and old historic city survives when a history isn’t enough to stand on.  We also got a great example of what happens when the members of a community do not work together.

In New Orleans, I’ll show you life years after hurricane Katrina, the cemetery history and I’ll share a great cab ride with a native who has truly seen it all.  New Orleans also showed us the history of the French Quarters and how that really sits in our history as a country.

Once we were on our way to Florida, we decided to get a little closer to Mobile, AL so we could not only get a little more about Katrina, but find out a little about the BP oil spill.  That got us to Dauphin Island and a peculiar peninsula that seemed to be where shopping karts went to die.  And now, we are almost to Tampa.

I hope this teaser gets your mouth-watering.  I promise all this content will be up very soon.  Until that happens though, enjoy this great video on leadership.