One of our current projects is with Peacework.  We are in Orange Walk, Belize working with a group from Gateway Technical college.  This group is composed of six faculty members and 26 students working in five disciplines.  The disciplines include IT, nursing, human services, early childhood education, physical therapy, and horticulture. They have been active on a blog that is terrific and definitely interesting. The blog demonstrates how their service learning is exemplifying an intersection of knowledge by both the Gateway students and the Belizeans.

The goal of Peacework is to connect and convene American groups with international service work that relates to the American’s interests or professions.  In this work, participants better identify what social change is and how they themselves are agents of change.  The largest aspect of this work is to acknowledge and expose how both participants and community partners benefit from this work leaving the experience to resonate in the communities of all involved.  For more information, check out

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