Norm:al Africa and Project Kinect are teaming up on a t-shirt campaign in the United States to bring awareness of the injustices happening to the LGBTI community East Africa . The goal is 10,000 t-shirts to be sold. All LGBT allies, advocates, centers, and related organizations are encouraged to participate in this campaign.

Norm:al Africa is a t-shirt brand started by Uwase Nusher, a 25 year old LGBTI activist. She grew up in Rwanda and Uganda as a LGBTI person and has lived through the harsh reality of hatred against LGBTI people in this region. The last couple of years in Uganda has revolved around the anti-gay controversy and resulted in murders, assaults and a fueled hatred. The recent annulment of the law does not change the fact that it is still illegal (the old law is still there) and the fact that mob justice commonly replaces legal justice in this region. Norm:al Africa intends to not only create awareness but also to channel 50% of the profits to two local LGBTI Associations, with the aim of reaching out to LGBTI people in Uganda and Rwanda.


You can learn more at Norm:al’s website and like the Facebook Page.

Normal Africa