I recently contributed to the fantastic new organization Light of Love-LA.  Right now it is mostly an online spiritual community but is growing quickly.  It is a place for people to get a dose of spirituality when we need it or want to just relate to another through communion.  I am just posting an exert but you can read the entire article here on Light of Love-LA.

Believing in an unknown infinite power is frightening, so there needs to be something to comfort that fear.  Through my conversations and observations in the past five years, I have seen the growing need for human connection.  With the technological revolution, we have become more involved and informed in each other’s lives but we are still missing that face to face connection.  With the global interface of correspondence that we have access to, we have an obligation to strengthen those relationships not only in our physical address communities, but in all the communities that we find ourselves involved in.  We will never know what this greater force is that conducts us, but we do have one another whom have the same needs to answer the great questions like why are we here? How did we get here?  What is the meaning of life?  Is organic truly organic? We have one another and therefore we need to find communion with one another in any way we can.  Communion can be church, over a beer, a campfire, a walk, over coffee, on a boat or in the car on a trip. While communing, any topics of discussion can be incorporated; Love, faith, politics, fashion, sex, food, family, the sky color, music, power tools, hunting.  It is completely about being with another person and enjoying that unknown beast that connects all of us.  Despite our lack of understanding of an infinite power, I believe we need to be globally responsible for one another.  This can only be done through human connection.