Today, on this day off from everything, I am beginning to really think about how intense I want to make the final six months of Project Kinect.  I am currently working to make the money I need for a car and to have some money in my checking account.  I need some help though.  I am asking the followers of Project Kinect to look at the calendar and my needs and if you have any thoughts, ideas for stories, connections for vehicle donation, places along the way that may want help and I could earn a few dollars or really, anything, then please email me at  Let me be your vehicle for positive topics that aren’t getting in the news, people who are not being heard or looked at and great things that make our community called the United States somewhere that is moving in a positive direction.  The last six months are going to be a whirl wind that I am unbelievably thrilled for.  We don’t know what is going to happen, but you have a front row seat.

Here is a rough calendar, so please let me know your input. 

We Are All Involved