“Support our troops” is used so often.  Unfortunately, often as propaganda; propaganda for our government to make decisions to intervene.  Supporting our troops is to support those individuals with brave and unconditional passion, who go into any circumstance focused on protecting us and others who are harmed while hoping to make situations better.   Supporting them goes much further. Supporting our troops is not only while they are on active duty. Supporting them includes when they return to our country and need real assistance to live their daily lives.  As a country, we are not succeeding in supporting our troops when they come home to us.

Fortunately some organizations are setting strong examples of how to use the skills of veterans for amazing purpose.  Team Rubicon is a leader in this.  Team Rubicon is not only setting precedent for a great way of how to put veterans to work, but also what proper disaster relief looks like. Team Rubicon began after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti with six veterans.  Today is has expanded greater than most would have expected.  Click here for the full history.

This Veterans Day, Team Rubicon has set a goal to get 500 new monthly donors.  The History Channel will match the donations so anything you give will double.  This is an amazing campaign.  They are calling it ELEVEN11.

Please donate and support our veterans.

On this Veterans Day, honor them and support them.  Find out how you can directly assist and thank the veteran community.  It is a day about them, not  about feeding into corporate greed taking advantage of a day when people can shop, not about the government guilting us, and not a day about confusing supporting our troops and veterans with the decisions they had no role in making.