Today is day fifteen of Occupy Wall Street.  This is a small movement that is growing exponentially not only in Manhatten, but through the whole of our country.  Here is a list of what I could find for times and places for different protests throughout the country today and I will attempt to keep this updated frequently.  This isn’t about politics, race, gender, sexual orientation but about the well being of the majority of our country.  The more you get active, the more you learn about the entire situation and the more you can make your own decisions on what actions you take. 


Protests set for October 1st  

Washington D.C.: McPhearson Square.  I couldn’t find a time but I imagine people are already there.  Occupy D.C.

Boston: Dewey Square, Occupy Boston

Chicago: I couldn’t find anything yet but my guess is near Michigan and Congress, Occupy Chicago

Dallas: Federal Reserve Building 2200 North Pearl Street.  Occupy Dallas

Los Angeles: 10:00am Pershing Square, Occupy Los Angeles

Seattle: 10:00am-7pm, West Lake Center Plaza, Occupy Seattle

San Fransisco: Occupy San Fransisco 

Also keep checking Occupy Together for the most up to date information for the entire country. I will keep adding as I can.  Here is the footage from Susan Surandon. I really appreciate her sharing her views on how change starts from the bottom, not the top and that she is confident that we have “the tool kit to do this non-violently.”  Thank you to bYarlboro for putting this video up in its whole.