For many of you following Project Kinect, you may know that when I returned from Tuscaloosa at the beginning of July, I found my pockets extremely empty so I picked up a summer job at Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub in Wisconsin Dells.  Our community in the Dells is extremely diverse and represents the most modern form of the melting pot in our country.  I mentioned it briefly in this daily blog while I sat in Starbucks.

This video shares some of the lives of just a few of the amazing people that made my summer fantastic.  From a Project Kinect standpoint, we need to remember that we, with all of our different backgrounds, views and environments can still accomplish great things while getting to know each other.  The only way I can really say it is from the Project Kinect Mission:


A program that is focused solely on getting to know someone else:  Either through conversation, service, or swinging door education.