It’s already the 3rd of January and I have found myself in this “New Years rutt”.  Nothing to be alarmed by, I just personally got overwhelmed by everything that comes along with my goals in this new year.  As I have been pulling out the motivation to get some tasks done today, I found inspiration where I did not expect it.    About a week ago, I recieved this email from my stepfather.  At the moment I had no clue exactly what it was about, I just figured that he was sending me this link to tell me about the amazing desk work that Unicef andMSNBC’s, The Last Word is doing for the schools of Malawi.

Today, when I stopped by my parents house, my dad sat me down to show me exactly what the email was.  He was so moved by the story that he donated two desks in the name of Project Kinect.  This is a huge thank you to not just my stepfather, but to all four of my parents who constantly support my endeavors, no matter how crazy or difficult they may appear.  I love you so much and truly know how much I am blessed to have you in my lives. 


UNICEF - United States Fund
A seat at the table

Thank you!

Every day, hundreds of thousands of students in Malawi sit on the floor to learn.

Today, that number has been reduced significantly, thanks to a gift made in your honor.

Learn more about Kids in Need of Desks and UNICEF’s Schools for Africa, working to provide quality education for all.

for all u did down south
Tell your friends how to give to Kids in Need of Desks (K.I.N.D.) in Malawi

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