Recently, I have had a huge reminder on how short life can really be and how none of us are so powerful that we can escape death.  Yes, I know we all know this, but do we digest it?  Sit and think about this for a moment. Some people will get extremely scared of this thought and others will get overwhelmed with the fact that proper lines aren’t set up for if they were to pass suddenly. My focus for bringing this up is not to do either one of these things to you.  The focus is however to take a moment and perhaps make you think about your life?  Whether it is a bucket list, or a list of loved ones you immediately want to call and tell them how you feel, what does thinking about the uneasy subject do to you?  Invincibility is only something of super heroes in comic books and even Superman is affected by kryptonite.

For me, this makes me automatically think that I haven’t accomplished this large list of lofty endeavors I aim to do before I go. I fear that I will not do everything in my power to better the lives around me which includes people that I haven’t even met.  That is why this subject has come into my focus in the past few days.  A person with the most upward movement and the skills to become great change on a societal level was taken from us this week and it is just a big smack in the face that we are truly all only here for an allotted time so we better make the most of it.

Project Kinect though, is about looking at how a community reacts and goes forward in today’s world and in relation to our loved one that we will miss greatly, I want to talk about technology.  It has been a while since someone in my age range has passed and in this situation, I am unable to go to Los Angeles for the memorial service.  Today, part of our mourning process is done on facebook.  A memorial page has been created for all of us, as one community feeling the pain of our loss, to commune and share and reflect.  Without this aspect, I would not have been able to connect with so many people who are feeling the same way that I do.  I guarantee that this is something that millions of people mourning other loved ones in their lives have been able to assist in their coping. 

Another way that technology is assisting in is with focusing on a website where loved ones can make a memorial donation.  In the year 2011, I feel that this is one of the best ways to remember a loved one.  Our friend had diabetes and his family is asking that donations be made at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

In the short time you were with us you accomplished so much. Thank you for everything you gave us John!