The most difficult job in the world is raising a child, especially for the mother.  From the moment of conception, it is a task that continuously causes emotional and physical pain. For some reason though, a mother continues to be there for her children.  She grooms them, teaches them, scolds them and molds them even on days where they do not make a very good human being at all.  This is the most significant selfless love that there is.

I personally have had so many mothers in my life.  Growing up in Lyndon Station, with only a handful of children in our small town of four hundred, mothering was a group effort so in addition to my mother and grandmother, I had Deb, Connie and of course Kim raising me.  I still have moments when I’ll say something and wonder where that came from and then I’ll realize oh, that is what Kim used to tell us before we left the house.

As for my biological mother, I don’t know how she handles me.    My mother made it possible for me to dream as big as I do and not set any boundaries on myself.  Her selflessness amazes me every time I speak to her on the phone and it comes time to end the call, or am at home about to leave again, I know it can’t get any easier every time she sees me leave because I know it doesn’t get any easier on me.  She pushes through though, tells me she loves me and reminds me that she supports whatever I happen to be doing. 

In my mid twenties I got an addition to my repertoire of mothers.  Patti, my father’s wife, is able to mother me while she adds her own positive objective point of view.  She looks at my life as a parent, but also sees the bigger picture and brings a practicality to it that helps me all the time. Not only was she a phenomenal addition to my father’s life, but she has been right there while I have made some extremely difficult situations in the last few years.

Today, as I celebrate with the mothers that raised me, I also look back at all the mothers that I have met while I’ve been travelling for Project Kinect.  Some are mothers that I knew and are friends of mine, and some were brand new people that I met on the road.  It takes all kinds of women to be a mother and that can definitely be seen every day as we move forward as a society.  Today, I give all the love in my heart to all the mothers out there.  It really is you who we thank for everything we have in life.

Last year I wrote an essay to my mother and grandmother.  If interested in it, you can find it here.