I figured that since I am home for another month or so, why not share more of the research that I am doing and put into a weekly feature called the Monday Spotlight.  In this space I will share some of the great things I am seeing done across the country that are focused on creating and inspiring change for all people, without judgment or prejudice.

This video really comes from Leslie and American Sans-Cullotes and is talking about a simple form of pay it forward that can easily be started by anyone.  Here, Leslie begins the chain with gift cards to a local grocery store.

  • This last weekend a film was featured in several different cities in the country and I definitely think it is relevant to what we need to be focused on in our society.  This film was created out of the minds of National Geographic and all shot b people from all across the globe.  Then name of the movie is Life in a Day

  • The final concept for this Monday Spotlight is the Imagine Cup.  I came across this from Amelia’s Adventures. This video concentrates on finding a solution for visually impaired students to still be able to learn in a traditional classroom setting with a blackboard and teacher in the front of the room.  The underlying focus of this video though is that is technological solutions better than policy solutions when empowering individuals with disabilities.