This weeks Monday Spotlight is focused on some things that are extremely near and dear to my heart.  I have some things and people in my life that have really contributed to  who I am and how I continue to move forward as a human being.  We all have guide posts in our lives and some of them actually become staples that we must go back to and reconnect with.  Sometimes these guideposts, being a place, person, or thing, become part of your life and you can’t think of your life without them. 

  • The Ann Walker Show  While getting into my online radio show, I was introduced to a very vocal and phenomenal woman named Ann Walker.  She would come on our show and we would give her time to give “Ann’s Rant”.  Talking with her during and after the show adds so much to my being because she always has a grace about her that carries so much knowledge, comedy and comfort.  Her new show is on The Global Voice Broadcasting Radio station and it gives her a vehicle to share her voice on a regular basis to anyone.  We all have a voice and Ann is a great example of how you can get your voice out there and be heard.  If you don’t like her opinion, that is fine but if she at least makes you think about a more important issue that concerns a larger population than your normal routine, then she is doing her job.  She is a huge believer of self-education and knowing what our government is doing when we’re not looking.  Thank you so much Ann for what you are contributing to our entire community called the United States.  Maybe one day she’ll finally run for an office. Here is where you can like her facebook page.


  • DiGn2it Magazine: Back in January, as I was getting ready to embark on Project Kinect, I started an online magazine with one of my best friends.  We wanted to create a space for people who have ideas that they want to write about.  These people could be new writers, adults who want an added thing to do that allows them to share a passion, hobby, craft or just to speak their voice.  Since we have started this magazine, there has been a great feedback from our readers as well as these new voices who are taking this opportunity to put something out there with their name on it.  Currently we have an extremely talented, ambitious and beautiful woman named Alex who will be taking over the ropes of the magazine.  Keep an eye on this woman because she will really create a brand for this still adolescent magazine.
  •   Survcast: I have been following Survcast for a while now on Twitter and just a couple weeks ago started routinely checking out the website.  You ask what survcast is? Well survcast is an online free speech engine. It has topics that are so diverse that anyone can get something out of it while being exposed to something that had never crossed their mind.  Today as I was looking at their facebook page, I noticed the article about Aaron Sorkin quitting facebook and then asking readers if you could quit facebook?  Before that, there was a post about Diethylstilbestrol (DES) is the first synthetic man-made female sex hormone (oestrogen) prescribed primarily to prevent miscarriage and complications in pregnancy.  All over the board to assist with anyone’s voice.  In their about us page, they state “When people rise up on a large-scale, other people take notice. Survcast provides the ideal format for this to occur”.  Take a look at it and get surprised by what you take away from it.  Start out by checking out their Daily Top Ten.  You will be shocked how content comes from everywhere.