It’s Monday and that means a new Monday Spotlight.  Since the very beginning of Project Kinect almost six months ago, two things keep coming back up and as we go into the next six months, I will be getting more focused on these community programs.  One of the topics that continue to come up all over our lives is Urban farming.   Urban Farming is so essential because we really need to discover the greatness for growing our own produce and herbs in spaces that can be utilized for such productive purposes.  The price of food is going up quickly and the number of hungry people is just growing along with it so it is time that we all learn how to get our hands dirty.  Expanding Urban Life, this weeks Monday Spotlight. 

  • Urban Farming: This website does a great job of forming a community with different people who have gardens.  You can find out what they are doing, learn from each other and share what great things are happening in your garden.  You register your garden and then show your progress.  That simple and yet so fulfilling.


  • Beginning Farmers: This is a website that if you have no idea even of what farming is, then they will spell it our word for word.  This site shows all farming and truly shows everything from how to find land, to specifics like mushrooms.  It is a wonderful tool for all farmers, beginners to advanced.  There is even the education on Urban Farming which is most beneficial for this Monday Spotlight.


  • Urban Chickens: Ever since I was sitting at that table with the couple from Atlanta in Austin in March, I have not stopped hearing about raising chickens in the city.  I think that this is a hard idea to get our minds around but once you do, you can see the benefits to having backyard chickens.  At this Urban Chickens website, you can find everything you need to know about getting started with a coup and buying, feeding, and taking care of chickens.  I also added two videos about the concept.  One is from Portland, OR and the other is from London.  Great ideas in both and it really gives the pros and cons to this new way of raising livestock. 

And from London…