•  United Saints Recovery Project.    The United Saints Recovery Project started in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and has been working on rebuilding homes for natural disaster areas ever since.  Tuscaloosa was the next in their lofty endeavors and they are definitely making an impact.  For more information check their information page on their website.  If you would like to donate to them, check that out here.


  • Volunteer Maine: I’m so excited to get my butt up to Maine this fall and see a part of our country that I haven’t had the opportunity to see. Because of this, I have begun to research the next step of my trip.  Here is a great volunteer website that collects volunteer opportunities from all over the state.  Check them out if you’re in the area for these opportunities. 


  • Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project: After seeing how many people had no idea what legal help they had or didn’t even search because of a lack of funds in Alabama, I’m really interested in finding out how some organizations are really successful with their free legal assistance.  When I get up to Maine, I will be meeting with someone from this project to find out how and why they have been so successful. 


    The Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) coordinates the volunteer efforts of Maine attorneys and community members to help people of low income navigate the civil justice system. We provide free information, brief assistance and pro bono legal representation in civil legal matters to qualifying clients. Our volunteers give Mainers in need the tools and know-how to be equal participants in our legal system.