My new saying, if you have been following Project Kinect religiously, is “We Are All Involved”. I really do feel that we need to begin to think about the whole of us as one community so we can really begin to hold ourselves and each other accountable for what is happening around us. This doesn’t mean that we have to start adopting other communities from the other side of the world, or spend every waking moment playing the part of a hard core activist, but within our means, doing what we can for who we can on a regular basis.  If we all look to see where we can give a hand in some way will push us in a forward motion for the better and the greater.  Just a little emotional, physical or financial help can do wonders for great positive change in the future. 

While I was in Los Angeles last weekend, I finally got a chance to see the National Geographic film, Life in a Day.  I had been wanting to see it for quite some time and took the opportunity to see it.  If you’re unfamiliar with what the film is, here is the idea.  National Goegraphic, as well as Youtube asked the planet to send in footage of their daily lives from the same day, July 24th, 2010.  Kevin Macdonald and his team went through the 80,000 submissions with 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries to create a movie that could connect the entire world by one string and show us exactly what it means to be a citizen of the world. Throughout the movie, we were introduced to people who have their beliefs and their loves and their fears.  Three questions were asked in the footage.  These were, what do you love? What do you fear? What is in your pocket or handbag?  It was mesmerizing to see and hear from all these individuals that go through the same struggles that I do.   Toward the later part of the movie, when the day is ending for some of the people we become attached to, Macdonald made sure he put probably the largest world news story that happened in the month of July that also happened to happen on July 24th.

The end, with a snail slowly moving around a globe eating a piece of paper with the words on it, “mind your own business” said it all for me though.  We Are All Involved.  If you can, please see this movie.